Friday, February 14, 2014


   Guess where we just got back from.  Yup, another great WDW trip is in the books, and just like all of the others, it was fantastic!
It's not the "Fab 5" but they look ready for fun!

   As any good Disney nut knows, no matter how often you go, there is always something new to see and do in this vast world of exploration.

The Wilderness Lodge Villas:  We did a "Split Stay" which started with 2 nights at Pop Century, and then we moved over to the Wilderness Lodge Villas for 5 nights.  This was our first time staying at the Wilderness Lodge, and it was great. 
Welcome Home!

We always wanted to stay here!
   The room was comfortable, and the 4th floor view was so pleasant.  From our windows and balcony we could see the trees and lake - that's it.  It was like we were at a lake in the mountains or something, no sign of Walt Disney World in sight.  As if we were transported to another place just by entering our room.  Actually, there was 1 reminder of where we really were.  Each night at about 9:30 we would hear the music and look out to see the Electrical Water Pageant out on the lake.  We could see it with just a few trees in our view, but we would step out onto the balcony and take in the short spectacle.  The Water Pageant is one of those little WDW touches that we appreciate, both for the actual color and novelty of it, but also for the historical significance of it, since it is something that has remained from the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971.
Everything is better on a boat
Getting there was a big part of the fun!

   Something that we really enjoyed about staying at the Wilderness Lodge was the transportation via boat  between the resort and The Magic Kingdom.  I don't know if we hit it just right, or if it's always that way, but we never had to "crowd" onto the boat.  It was very relaxing to cruise the waters and glide past the other beautiful resorts with the Magic Kingdom in sight. 

   The pool was so much fun.  We spent an afternoon at the main pool and just like all of the pools at the Disney resorts, it was pure fun.  Grabbed a BBQ Pork & Slaw Sandwich with Chips and a Coke from the Roaring Fork with my Son-in-Law and kicked back at a poolside table before hitting the water.  Looking up at the Lodge itself, with the flags waving lightly in the breeze was just a beautiful moment in time, and writing about it here makes me want to experience that again soon.

The lobby of Disney's Wilderness Lodge is stunning

   Wilderness Lodge is everything I thought it would be, and like I was telling my Daughter - Which is my favorite DVC resort?  It seems like whichever one I stayed at last is my "new favorite".  They have all been awesome, and Wilderness Lodge is no exception.

For more on this awesome Disney resort, check out this website:

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