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When it comes to descriptive words for this place, a few come to mind quickly! ...Location, Simple, Charming, and Yummy are 4 words that I see to describe this place.

Location is at the end of Main Street U.S.A. near the hub.  If you are seated near a window, it's a great place to people watch, with Cinderella's Castle making a great back drop.  As we ate lunch, we could see the parade going by and really enjoyed all of the excitement that goes along with it.  We didn't have a clear view of the parade as much as we could see the whole scene with the crowd enjoying the event itself.

A beautiful place to eat!

The colorful and busy location can't be beat!

We loved it because it made us feel like we were part of the "Main Street U.S.A. scene".  It is such a colorful spot with the beautiful landscaping surrounding the immediate area, just steps away from entry to the different lands of The Magic Kingdom.

The grounds around the Plaza are beautiful

Simple is a word that comes to mind because the seating is not fancy, just tables and chairs.  It has the feel of a counter service eatery, except that you are given menus and served.  It's a basic dining room with ornate mirrors on the walls.

The menu is also very simple.  Salads and Sandwiches are offered along with a Meatloaf Meal and Desserts.

Hmmm.... Meatloaf meal or Grilled Reuben?

Charming comes to mind because of the simplicity of the whole experience.  It is a less expensive place to eat in the Magic Kingdom, and it's a place where you feel very comfortable sitting down and enjoying a meal while wearing your WDW today podcast, or Mouise Junkies T-Shirts!  I guess "Charming" and "Simple" go hand in hand but both words came to mind when I thought of The Plaza Restaurant.

A very casual place to enjoy a meal
Yummy is the key word here.  We booked our ADR for 11:00 am, right when they opened and we were ready for an early lunch to fuel us up for the rest of our park touring day.

The Grilled Reuben was a masterpiece!

I had the Grilled Reuben, and it was a winner.  Generous portions of Corned Beef on a marbled Rye bread with Sauerkraut and Swiss Cheese, one of the better Reuben sandwiches on property.

The Mrs. went with the Tuna Salad sandwich and it was another hit!  It could have used a little more Tuna salad, but it was delicious.
The Tuna Salad sandwich
We kind of cheated and had our "dessert" WITH our meal... Chocolate Milk Shakes just sounded too good to wait for, so we had them along with the sandwiches.
Why wait for Dessert?

Overall, it was a great part of our day at the Magic Kingdom.  I agree with those that say this would not be a wise choice if you are on the Disney Dining Plan, since the entrees are so much less expensive than the other park eateries.  But for a "Simply Charming Yummy Location"... THIS IS THE PLACE!

Information for The Plaza Restaurant

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