Monday, March 26, 2012

TRICKS OF THE TRADE -Coffee in the Value room

 Disney "Nuts" (like me) are always looking for tricks and gadgets to use for making the most of each trip.  We tried out a new gadget on our last visit.  It was our first time staying at a Disney value resort, so we knew we would not enjoy the luxury of having a coffee maker in our room.  Our plan was to bring individual packets of instant coffee and instant oatmeal and use this wonderful little gadget called an "Instant immersion heater".

 It's a metal coil that you plug into a wall socket.  It heats up the water in your coffee cup very fast, and voila!... Coffee is ready!  You can heat up a cup of water and use it for instant Oatmeal too.  It didn't take any space in our luggage and really worked great.  Yes, we had to bring our coffee mugs, but we just wrapped them good in bubble wrap, placed them between clothes in the suitcase, and they made the trip without breaking.  We brought plenty of coffee packets and creamers which, again, didn't take much space.  The instant oatmeal didn't take much room either.  It all worked out great.  Gotta have that coffee in the morning to get energized and head out to the parks.
Yup, I LOVE IT when a plan comes together!

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