Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disney Magic on Main Street!

   While there are so many exciting and thrilling attractions in each theme park at Walt Disney World, sometimes it's a totally unexpected surprise that just takes your entire trip up a notch.

   On our last visit, just my Wife and I, we were treated to such a moment, and will never forget it.

  As we were walking down Main Street on our way to lunch at Tony's Town Square, we passed by the world famous Dapper Dans as they were serenading a young man in a wheel chair.  We stopped to enjoy the moment, and I thought how lucky that gentleman was as he was just sitting there taking it all in with his family and others gathered around enjoying the delightful harmonies of this group.

   I gave a wink to one of the Dans as they were singing, and nodded my head towards my Wife who was wearing her Happy Birthday button.  I didn't think he got the "telepathic" message that I was hinting at, so we just clapped and walked away talking about how great the Dapper Dan's are.

   We walked into Tony's about 10 minutes early for our ADR (Reservation), and were sitting in a little waiting area when in walked the Dapper Dan's.  They walked right over to us and introduced themselves to us...

                                 AND THIS HAPPENED!

   It is now one of the top ten classic moments of our Walt Disney World experience list.

   I 'owed' her, because many years ago, we went out to the Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday, and she told someone there that it was my birthday.  After the meal, the wait staff came over and placed what looked like some kind of hat made out of Balloons and a Coffee Filter on my head and sang "Happy Birthday" to me!  I vowed that  some day she would pay for this dastardly (but fun!) deed.

The moral of the story is...  Revenge is a dish best served up cold, and...
                                     ALWAYS WEAR YOUR CELEBRATION BUTTONS AT WDW!  (or get others to)!


  1. I will be wearing my button for sure! Who doesn't love a serenade?!?!

  2. Those buttons really get you noticed sometimes!