Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Favorite Disney Websites

Back in April I wrote about my 9 favorite Disney Podcasts.  This time I'd like to share my top 5 Disney Websites.

Some are informational for the Disney commando planners out there, and some are just for fun.  I guess I should do individual blogs for the "Planning" sites, and the "Fun" sites.  Maybe in the future, but since I'm pressed for time... here are my 5 faves right now:

     This is my favorite right now, not because I write a column there (Disney Tale of the Tape), but because it is so unusual from any other disney website I've found.  Editor Bob McLain has a good thing going here, with some great writers, and some actual Disney Legends writing columns here!  Rolly Crump, Tom Nabbe, and Charlie Ridgeway all have columns here, and it's fascinating to hear from the actual imagineers & legends.  There are also other disney insiders including producer/podcaster- Jeff Heimbuch and co-owner of Mouseketrips (Disney only Travel Agency)- Keith Anderson.  There is fascination for everyone here, information, opinion, tips, and so much more.  I'm honored to be among the writers in this group.

     When it comes to planning a Disney World or Disneyland trip, nothing beats the seemingly endless information offered by All Ears!  There is information and descriptions of everything in all of the parks.  Rides, Shows, Resorts, Dining, I mean this site has information on everything.  Sometimes I like to do a "virtual WDW trip" by just browsing the pages of  A great asset to all who love disney.

     I would never dream of trying to plan a trip to Walt Disney World without first consulting  It is the site that works hand in hand with the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (the book), and has all of the planning strategy you will need for a commando raid on Walt Disney World.  Even if you are an experienced veteran who doesn't need the touring plans offered here, the crowd calendar is a valuable weapon in any trip planning arsenal.  It also has some great blogs which offer great tips. Part of the site is free, and for a nominal fee you get "The Whole Enchilada" and believe me... it's worth EVERY PENNY!

     Well, after all, this IS the "Disney Fountain of Youth" blog, so naturally, it's supposed to be aimed at "grownups", so this website is one of my favorites.  It is loaded with tips and articles that adults can really enjoy before heading to The World or in between trips.  Plenty of WDW news that is of interest to all age groups, but especially those of us in the "Fountain of Youth" category!

     This may seem like kind of a strange choice for #5 of all the WDW & Disneyland websites out there, but for anyone who has ever stayed at either of the Port Orleans resorts, or plans to stay there, this is a wonderful website!  It's filled with information about the entire resort, and has some great forums for fans with questions or who just want to express their opinions about the resorts.  Check it out, and I think you'll agree... you'll probably be wanting to stay there on your next visit!

   Those are just 5 of my favorites.  There are plenty more, and I'll probably go with 6-10 in a future posting.  Check these out and let me know what you think!

   Also check out:
                             The Disney Tale of the Tape for some fun "Matchups" of things Disney!

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