Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I forgot a HUGE "First time experience" from our last trip...

I knew I'd forget something, and how could I forget my first ride(s) on... Rock 'n Roller coaster starring Aerosmith!  Our plan for the Disney Hollywood Studios day was to have Mrs. Disney Dan and Daughter/Son-In-Law ride the Hollywood Tower of Terror, while "Grandpa Dan" went with Miss Ava in the stroller and got fast passes for Toy Story Midway Mania.  When we returned with our fast pass sets, the brave trio went on the Rock n' Roller coaster while I waited with Grandy.  We enjoyed waiting, because they blast Aerosmith tunes in the area around the attraction, and Miss Ava was moving to the music... so was I.  When they got off, my Daughter talked her "Chicken Dad" into riding it!  I told her... "I don't like roller coasters that go upside down!", she said "Dad, it's DARK, You CAN'T TELL THAT YOU'RE GOING UPSIDE DOWN!!!!".  Well, I thought about it, and figured 'life is short'... so I went with Daughter & Son-In-Law.  The lines were so short that we practically walked on.  Did I survive it? obviously... since I'm writing this blog entry.  Did I like it?  Wow... I said... "Let's do it again!", so I grabbed Mrs. Disney Dan by the hand and hopped in line again.  Screaming all the way through the ride.  What a great ride.  That first acceleration is exhilarating, and the sights and sounds of this marvel of an indoor coaster are just too much fun!  Now there is only one obstacle left in my Disney arsenal... The Hollywood Tower of Terror.  I'm not ready for that drop, but never say never.  And another first that I nearly forgot, was my first taste of Sake at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot.  I love to visit the store in the pavilion, and pick up some oriental snack crackers, I couldn't resist tasting a little Sake at the Sake tasting bar in the store.  It's good, it's like a champagne.  Another of those Disney fun firsts.  Great memories from my Disney fountain of youth.

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