Sunday, December 30, 2012

The great "Little Things" at WDW

   The first time I went to Walt Disney World it was back in 1994 when we packed up the family and headed out for a long anticipated adventure.  I was just amazed at the sheer scope & size of the place.  There was 3 theme parks back then, and all of those hotels, a Water park, and Downtown Disney, it was overwhelming and fantastic.

   15 years later, we made it back and it was even bigger.  Now there were 4 parks, more hotels, 2 Water parks, and Downtown Disney had changed so much.  It was just as fantastic, and more overwhelming!

Sitting at an umbrella table off of Main Street is a simple pleasure.

   Now that we've been hooked and accepted our role as hopeless Disney Nerds, we've made several trips in the last few years, became DVC members, and have taken friends & family with us to share the wonders of this 43 square mile wonderland.

   It's fun to dig deeper into this place, and go beyond what you first see - The attractions, shows, restaurants, resort hotels - and dig way down into the "Little Things" that you start to see after you've been there enough times to feel like a "Disney World Resident".

The Stave Church (Epcot) 
A neat little Viking Mini-Museum

I had seen the building on previous trips, but never thought to actually go inside and check it out.  But after reading about it somewhere, I couldn't wait for our next visit to Epcot so that we could step inside and check it out.  It's a tiny little space with a few exhibits on display.  Viking tools and figures are colorful and interesting.  It's also a curious feeling when you think about the thousands of people who walk right by and never even consider what might be in this little building.

Rocking Chairs (Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village) 
"Ringside seats for the Frontierland show"
We happened to find a couple of unoccupied rockers on the streets of Frontierland and took some time to just sit back and watch the world go by.  It was easily one of the highlights of the trip.  Comical and mischievous birds were making us laugh!  People watching, and then the band came along to perform and we had a ringside seat! 

Dan with the Frontierland Band

 More info on: The Frontierland Band

The Walkway between Space Mountain and Storybook Circus 
We found a neat little Walking path that goes between Space Mountain and the Storybook Circus area.  There were some little cutouts and plants, but it was just a nice quiet little area that made us feel like we were away from the crowds for a short time.  We could see the Autopia cars zipping around, and the train going by.  Just one of those little things we love about WDW.

The Walkway along the water between Disney Hollywood Studios and Epcot 
We took a nice stroll along the walking path between DHS and Epcot.  It's a beautiful walk watching the friendship boats glide by and waving back to fellow WDW enthusiasts.  It's just a little over one mile, we strolled at a leisurely pace and took our sweet time, enjoying the sights.  It was pretty secluded at the time of morning that we were walking.  We passed the Boardwalk Resort, and then the Swan & Dolphin as we made our way around and entered Epcot through the International Gateway entrance.  You can also take the Friendship boats, but we just wanted to "walk the walk".

Enjoying a Dole Whip in a quiet place
Get away from my Dole Whip!
 The line at Aloha Isle in Adventureland was short, so I HAD to get me a Dole Whip.  There are usually lots of folks sitting around the immediate area enjoying their treats, but we know that if you walk just a little further towards The Hub, there's a nice little area that is usually pretty deserted and BINGO!... It was wide open!  A wonderful break with my favorite treat (and favorite gal) was just what the Doctor ordered!

Those are just a few of the many wonderful  little things  to be enjoyed at Walt Disney World!  What are some of your favorites?  I'd love to hear about them... and probably try them!

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  1. This is SO true--sometimes I enjoy those quiet places as much as the E-ticket rides. The rocking chairs at Animal Kingdom Lodge are the best :)!