Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OUR VISIT TO CELEBRATION, FL - "The Town that Disney built"

   During our 2009 visit to Walt Disney World we took a "day off", grabbed a rental car, and headed out for a visit to the town of Celebration.

   It's a short drive from WDW property to the downtown area of Celebration.  The pastel colors of the buildings in the downtown area are soothing.  The lakeside setting says "C'mon and relax!".

We stepped into the Market Street Cafe on Front St. for breakfast.  It was a family restaurant with kind of a diner atmosphere.  We had a booth by the window, and could see out to the lake.  We were very entertained by a couple of birds that would swoop down out of the nearby trees, and grab packets of Sugar & Equal, and strut around the tables with them in their beaks as if to show off their prizes.  It was kind of an unscripted Flights of Wonder show.  The WDW part of the trip was something that I had really planned out, but the visit to Celebration was something of a pleasant surprise to us.

   We strolled the streets, walked the path around the lake, and walked the boardwalk that leads between different phases of Celebration's residential areas. It was quiet and peaceful, something that this old Grandpa-to-be (at the time) appreciated.  Plenty of critters to watch, and with the signs around, we were very watchful for Alligators.

    Lots of green grass and shade trees makes for a nice way to spend your off day(s) while visiting Walt Disney World.  Some very interesting architectural styled buildings too.  Even though this town has only existed since the mid 1990's, it has a  very historical feel to it.  It's a clean town, lots of civic pride is felt as you walk through the different parts of town.

   Even though this town was actually built by the Disney Corp.  It has since broken away from Disney to become it's own entity, and has taken it's own identity as a Florida town rather than a  Disney Creation.  It is a fun place to visit for anyone, but for someone who has actually read several books on this town, it was a highlight of our 2009 WDW trip for me.  I was impressed.  I look forward to showing off my new discovery to friends and family on future WDW trips.

   No rides.  No tours.  No admission price.  Just a nice town with a very gentle feel to it.  A place that makes you say "I wonder if we could move here?". It's just that nice.

   But as DVC members we've already moved to Florida.  A couple of weeks a year anyway.  In Celebration, I've found another well, filled with water from the Disney Fountain of Youth.

Celebration Town Center Website

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