Monday, April 4, 2011

Life on Hold (Between WDW Trips)

  I Remember when I was a little kid, and it took FOREVER for Christmas (or my Birthday, or Halloween, etc.) to get here.  It seemed like my life was on "hold" between holidays.  But as a kid, I was easily distracted, so I didn't sit around and think about it so much.  Now, fast forward about 45 years or so...

   We come back from a trip to Walt Disney World, and it's kind of that same feeling.  The memories are fresh and colorful.  Vivid.  Then, as they start to fade, and I go back to the real world, it's like my life is put back on hold for a time.

   As I sail past the days of our last trip and those memories seem to get farther and farther away in the rear view mirror, it starts to hurt just a bit more.  I start to miss the feeling of wonderment and relaxation which takes over my being when we are anywhere at WDW.

   Longing for the time when I'm at a resort, or in one of the parks, on an attraction, or enjoying a snack... heck, even standing in line for a ride.  It doesn't matter, just as long as I'm SOMEWHERE in Walt Disney World.

   It's life on hold.  The days are just obstacles in the way of our next trip to WDW.  I try to fight it off.  I summon enough energy to get on the PC and visit our favorite Disney websites.  I listen to my favorite podcasts each morning at work, read my books and magazines, plan and dream.  I remember, recall, and re-live.  Looking at our pictures helps, and visiting WDW parks and resorts on youtube helps too.  I read blogs.  There is quite an arsenal of weapons at our disposal to fight off the blues of  "Life on Hold".

   I visit my WDW group on yahoo, I read the postings on and as well as other forums.  It doesn't last though, and I feel the magical power of my Fountain of Youth starting to wear off.  The rocks of the real world start to crack my shell of Disney invincibility.  But so far, it hasn't broken all the way through.  Because, it seems that just as the good feelings from the last trip are vanishing, I realize that another visit isn't THAT far off in the distance!  I mean, in just a matter of Days (or weeks or months) I'll be checking into one of the many great resorts and planning for another round of visits to the parks, and entertainment!

   I guess it's not really a case of my life being on "Hold" because it's so bad.  It's just that there aren't too many things in the physical world that bring me to life like a good dose of vitamin WDW.

   Hold Please!

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