Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to Disney's Fountain of Youth!

This is the first posting, and I thank you for taking time to stop in.  This blog is simple.  It's just one man's place to express his love of all things Disney.  As the world takes it's toll on this old guy, there is a place that I have found, where I become well again.  I forget my aches and pains, I don't tremble and sweat from job stress.  Rather, I get sleepless and excited at the planning and possibilities of a trip to Walt DisneyWorld in Orlando, or Disneyland Resort in Anaheim!  While planning for our first return visit to WDW in Sept. of 2009, I discovered a whole Sub-Culture that existed, and I didn't have any idea about it!  Books, Podcasts, Websites, Blogs, DVD's, Television shows, and so much more, all there for the taking.  As I hang on for a few more years, before I become eligible for retirement, I will fill my canteen with water from my Fountain of Youth - Disney World and sip often!  I hope you will enjoy the ramblings of a tired old guy who (along with his Wife) LOVES ALL THINGS DISNEY.  Stay Tuned.

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